Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Sonia Sui Admitted Break up With Yao Yuan Hao

Sonia Sui Admitted Break up With Yao Yuan Hao:  Sonia Sui Yao Yuan Hao The actress confessed that she has broken up with her boyfriend, hinting at a third party behind the breakup.

Sonia Sui admitted to breaking up with her boyfriend before press conference and her eyes were full of tears, Yao Yuan Hao, at an event yesterday, just two days after defending the actor who was accused of having an affair with Cyndi Wang.

On Wednesday night, Yuan Hao made a statement on his Facebook where he wrote, "After reading the news recently, I want to apologize to my friend who was dragged into the matter and I hope everyone will stop harassing the innocent friend." It was clear that the friend that the actor mentioned was Cyndi, who was speculated to be the third party in the couple's relationship.

Meanwhile, during a Louis Vuitton event yesterday, Sonia let slip the couple's breakup under the barrage of questions from the media. "I hope that someone better will take care of him [for me]," she said, hinting at the presence of a third party.

The actress shed tears, expressing, "Maybe I did not do well for the past eight years [that we were together]. I never thought that we will break up, and I can't explain the situation to you [the media] fully."

Following the actress's confession, Yuan Hao's manager expressed that the couple had indeed parted ways and had not met for the past month. He emphasized that there is no third party behind the separation and it has nothing to do with Cyndi. 
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