Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Two Brothers Killed Tampines Accident: Bodies Identified by Family

Singapore: Two Brothers Killed Tampines Accident: Bodies Identified by Family, who who were killed after being hit by a cement mixer truck while cycling at Tampines. MP Baey Yam Keng says authorities will review the junction of Tampines Avenue 9 and Tampines Street 45, following a fatal accident there.

The mother involved in the gruesome accident on Monday identified her two boys dead bodies on Tuesday morning. She arrived at the mortuary just before 8am surrounded by a group of relatives, friends, and a man who is believed to be her husband.

The young brothers named as Nigel Older Brother and Donovan Younger Brother cycled around the Tampines estate frequently. The tragic accident came as a rude shock to their distraught parents who said their sons were usually very careful on the roads.

Mr Francis Yap, the father of victims (2 boys), said: “It’s very sad. As a father, I have lost two kids. I hope that those people driving on the roads think about other people’s families also. For those small roads, it’s better to travel within the speed limits and don’t go so fast, especially if you drive a big vehicle. It’s very dangerous. So you must take extra caution to safeguard other people’s lives.”


Monday, January 28, 2013

Kim Tae Hee

Kim Tae Hee: Old Interview Footage of 2 Sisters and Photo With Brother, Kim Tae Hee was stripped of the title star brother and she has become the focus of attention in the networking community.

Recently, fans excited when a past interview of Kim Tae Hee and her brother Lee Wan is posted on the Internet. Titled “Kim Tae Hee is just a normal human being”, this video quickly attracted the attention of the online community.


Khanh Chi Lam

Khanh Chi Lam: ‘I do not have a one-night stand’, 5 love, walk-in 5 men said that along with Lam Chi Khanh “if you are a real woman, I’d marry you.” The woman in the shape of men have thought before deciding to make the largest surgical university life?

During a visit to the studio crew in the late summer storm in April last year, the writer happened to be listening to your little young actors see each other on the Lam Chi Khanh transgender singer was 80%. A young actor also claimed to have met colleagues in the shape of a woman and is known Lam Chi Khanh intend to change the name Khanh Chi Lam.

However, when the write call Lin Chi Khanh, he refused to answer and see you one more time will call back. True ambiguity, as in the beginning of June, Lam Chi Khanh suddenly suddenly appear on the report as the victim of a car accident. Many people recognize the hit singer image heart not sleep, emaciated but still full of masculine features, though for long hair, summed up the nape.


Short Skirts Risk Rape Comment Controversy

Short Skirts Risk Rape Comment: Richard Graham, UK Lawmaker-Short Skirts High Heel Risk Rape Comment Causes Controversy In UK: LONDON-According to a British lawmaker Richard Graham, wearing a Short Skirts and High Heels puts women at risk of being raped victim. Richard Graham made the comment to a local newspaper today and anti-rape activists said Graham’s comments smacked of blaming rape victims for having been assaulted.

“If you are blind drunk and wearing those clothes how able are you to get away?” Conservative Party lawmaker Richard Graham, of Gloucester, was quoted as saying by his local newspaper, The Citizen.

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