Monday, January 28, 2013

Khanh Chi Lam

Khanh Chi Lam: ‘I do not have a one-night stand’, 5 love, walk-in 5 men said that along with Lam Chi Khanh “if you are a real woman, I’d marry you.” The woman in the shape of men have thought before deciding to make the largest surgical university life?

During a visit to the studio crew in the late summer storm in April last year, the writer happened to be listening to your little young actors see each other on the Lam Chi Khanh transgender singer was 80%. A young actor also claimed to have met colleagues in the shape of a woman and is known Lam Chi Khanh intend to change the name Khanh Chi Lam.

However, when the write call Lin Chi Khanh, he refused to answer and see you one more time will call back. True ambiguity, as in the beginning of June, Lam Chi Khanh suddenly suddenly appear on the report as the victim of a car accident. Many people recognize the hit singer image heart not sleep, emaciated but still full of masculine features, though for long hair, summed up the nape.

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