Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sonia Sui tears collapse Shall change the pain

Sonia Sui attended the event on the 8th, the tears collapse Shall change the pain, and blessings Yao Yuanhao and the Cyndi said everyone should be happy, and today (the 9th), she flew to Japan, also lick the hurt feelings in addition to my mother, yesterday night (the 8th) i n the face of the book speak, temporarily lost the smile, and a little courage ....

As many as 90 tens of thousands of fans of Sonia in the face book group "Sonia Sonia Sui official fan group" last night WEBMASTER said: "Mission sigh: Tangtang (Sonia) has always been photo on her own this woman ... "and quoted Sonia would like to say to the fans, and hope the fans give her a little time to refuel and warm to her, and soon she will bring a smile back.

The message mentioned: Tangtang want Let me tell you: She is just a man, and she is just falling out of love, she temporarily lost her smile, and a little courage, but give her some time, the heart shake out in the sun drying in the sun like; ask you to her, give her a little oil, a little warmth to her, and soon your eyes wild girl favorite laughing sun, they would take a new and better to come back. "

Message along with a picture, Sonia described like the text in the photo: "very strange? I never look forward to a vacation in a romantic encounter, but also from Aventure, it should be said that I would not go to a short-term romance and talk, I can not say good forever, but at least I aspire to a long long time. "
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