Friday, August 12, 2011


Warrant: Jani Lane Dead Jani Lane Will Be Missed: Jani Lane, the lead singer for Hollywood metal band Warrant, was found dead in a Woodland Hills hotel on Thursday evening, and with the news, a whole generation is reliving some classics of the so-called "hair metal" era.

Warrant's biggest hits, "Cherry Pie," "Heaven" and "Sometimes She Cries," displayed the yin and yang of teenage desire: In "Cherry Pie," the group celebrated (objectified?) the female form by comparing it with a scrumptious desert, and the result was a scream-along anthem tailor-made for testosterone-fueled pop metal heads and the women who loved them.

Like any self-respecting metal band, though, Warrant and the bleached-blond Lane had a softer side, one that you can see on full display in the video for "Heaven," in which the viewer is treated to a love ballad and slow-motion images of Lane and the band enjoying their rock-star lives. We see Lane showing off his tattoo, swinging around on a band member's back, performing at massive outdoor concerts, dancing in the back of a limousine, signing ecstatic fans' T-shirts and twirling in front of the mike stand, his perfectly coiffed hair shining like a lion's mane.
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