Saturday, June 23, 2012

Han Go Eun Shows Off Her Body

Han Go Eun Shows Off Her Perfectly Proportioned Sexy Body: Han Go Eun, MC of Story On′s Diet War 6, managed to grab viewers′ attention with an image that has been spreading through the web. 

In the photo, Han Go Eun is shown standing with a perfect 1 (head)-to-8 (body) ratioed frame on the set of Diet War 6.

The actress stands tall with a sparkling mini dress and high heels, but even without the high heels she sports a perfect frame.

Netizens who saw the photo said, ′She has a perfect ratio even without her high heels,′ ′The body of a goddess′ and ′She makes a lot of people slip into despair over their bodies.′

The June 16 broadcast of Diet War 6, its second episode, will show the ′Killing Camp′ that took the 12 contestants to Ulleungdo for a 10-day diet camp. The contestants will travel through the island in a 10 km marathon mission and try to survive through 12 hours of hard core training.
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