Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Alex Tan Zhixiang Decided to Quit Singapore for Good

Alex Tan Zhixiang Decided to Quit Singapore for Good: Former Reform Party candidate Alex Tan Zhixiang has decided to quit Singapore for good I am one of those many young people out there like the commentator on Temasek Times above who have grown disillusioned of Singapore and wanting to emigrate out of here. Like him, I always go to explain at great lengths of how Singapore is really like to curious foreigners over a chat.

My girlfriend is a S-pass holder and she totally agrees with what I’ve said about Singapore’s system and the sorry state of affairs here and how we will suffer like the rest with a government who takes their citizens for granted.

We intend to get married this year but family planning or baby making is a no-no until we settled down in either Sans Franscisco(her cousin’s family is there already) or Auckland(my preference).

I am currently getting my engineering degree and working full time to save up a modest fund by 2014 when I graduated.

My current job as an engineer in a specialized trade is in the long term skill shortage list for immigration, and what attracted me is they are paying 2 to 3 times higher than what I’m getting here in Singapore.

In Singapore, my trade is in high demand, but apparently the Singapore employers wants to have their cake and eat it too. They resorted to hiring cheap foreign engineers and expected the existing engineers to train them, which is impossible without the necessary qualifications in knowledge.

These foreign engineers have a engineering degree but they are at best technician-quality and not engineers who innovate solutions and manage a team. The main reason why productivity is falling especially in my trade is because they hardly think about plausible solutions or simply just talk…perhaps talking is strenuous as their communication skills are poor, probably thinking too as their mindset are unfortunately very much framed up.

There are enough frustrations working with low quality foreigners in our midst and I don’t see why I should put up working with them learning nothing new and always teaching, and if I want to teach, I might as well go back to be a A-Maths tutor like during my National Slavery days where I could easily earn more doing it full time today than what I could get now.

In countries like New Zealand, they have a sound social safety net and their society’s order and economic indicators would never become as polarized and extreme like Singapore’s. Why? Simply because their governance is built on the choice of the people, and this is democracy I’m talking about.

The citizens will moderate the country’s system with opposing forces always resonating among themselves to attract the majority’s support. But in Singapore, all of us have to listen to the PAP because the Opposition is kept very weak.

There are no adaptations of any logical proposals that doesn’t run align with PAP’s political inclinations and the PAP will simply dismiss them as populist or radical(this choice of word by the PAP is a scare tactic…radical…oh my…could be a terrorist’s idea…like the wage shock therapy from Dr Lim Chong Yah).

With PAP grassroot leaders and the mainstream media always currying favors by presenting skewed ground sentiments to their MPs and Ministers, Singaporeans ended up voiceless and policies become disconnected with reality. Look no further than at Lee Hsien Loong’s facebook. That is the breeding ground of radical PAP extremists.

There are thousands of cult-like responses supporting the PAP and they would attack any anti-PAP sentiments or have the moderator deleting them like this[Link]. I sometimes wonder if I served National Slavery to protect these disgusting people, and there is 60% like them in Singapore.

My decision to leave Singapore is more motivated by the push factors that are largely disappointments of Singapore’s system than the pull factors of retirement and family-friendly environments in New Zealand and US. Singapore is my home, I love Singapore especially when I grew up during the golden years that is the 1990s. I would like my children to grow up in the 1990s Singapore the way I did but that is no longer possible here.

On my conscience level, at least I have decided to leave Singapore with a fight(that is to partake in the Opposition). I fought, I lost and now I’m gone because my family come first. People around me are telling me to stick for 2016 Elections and I told them I am not going to waste my youth here and I am telling my friends to leave as well, for my very last struggle with the PAP is to deny them the very young people they need to sustain their political dominance.

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