Sunday, December 11, 2011

X Factor winner 2011 Will text vote ban affect Little Mix chances

X Factor winner 2011 Will text vote ban affect Little Mix’s chances? It has proved to be a popular method of voting especially for the younger members of the X Factor viewing audience.

But with the final show of this current series just hours away, fans have reacted angrily after TV bosses banned them from voting for the winner by text message.

Little Mix supporters are particularly angry as they claim it will ruin the girl group’s chances of landing the coveted talent show crown as Marcus and his mentor Gary Barlow have an older fan base who are more likely to call in their vote or press the red button on their TV.

A representative for the show said: ‘The X Factor final includes a vote “freeze” and therefore a shorter vote period. ‘It is not possible for text voting to be offered, as delays can be experienced within the mobile networks.’

But according to the Sunday Mirror, Little Mix fans claimed that scrapping the text vote meant they were being prevented from voting for the girl group.

X Factor fans and viewers took to their Twitter pages to moan about the text ban with one, calling themselves @jhopkins786 saying: ‘Same old #Xfactor taking the pi** no text votes so that counts out the little mix demographic straight away.’
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