Sunday, December 11, 2011

of meet the world’s best pokemon player Ray Rizzo

of meet the world’s best pokemon player Ray Rizzo: An interview with the world's greatest Pokemon player Ray Rizzo shares his secrets to becoming a true Pokemon master.

The 18 year-old from New Jersey has been named the Pokemon video game world champion, topping competitors from around the world in the Pokemon World Championships, an invitation-only event that wrapped up this weekend in San Diego.

The Pokemon world championships event always brings a high level of excitement and grandeur, but this year was particularly special. The USA's own Ray Rizzo made Pokemon history when he took top prize in the masters league for the second year in a row, a feat that's especially incredible given that the tournament was restricted to Unova-only Pokemon this year. So what's the secret to his success?

Interview highlights:
GamesRadar: How does it feel to be the first-ever consecutive two-time world Pokemon champion?
Ray Rizzo: It feels great to be the first at accomplishing something so difficult. I put a decent amount of time in these past two years so it feels good now that it’s paid off.
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