Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Teresa Hsu Singapore oldest person Died

Teresa Hsu Singapore oldest person Died at 113: Singapore's famed 'Mother Teresa', 许哲 social worker Teresa Hsu has died at age 113. The super centenarian was Singapore's oldest person.

According to an announcement on the Heart to Heart website, Hsu's welfare service, Hsu died peacefully at her home on 7 December. She was cremated on the same day," 

Local Rui most elderly people to enjoy Singapore "Mother Teresa" the reputation of Zhe Xu, Hong Kong on Wednesday at home after the serene, died 113 years old.

Located in the heart to heart after Hong Kong (Heart to Heart) volunteer organizations and homes, made ​​a brief statement on the site, to inform its volunteers, sponsors, supporters, etc., Zhe Xu, passed away September 7 at home, and on the same day of cremation.

Household Zhe Xu (Teresa Hsu), dedicated his life to spare no effort for the common good, but also many people appreciate and respected women in Singapore.

She was born in 1898, Shantou, Chaozhou, sister of the four siblings (three female one male) ranked second child, single.

Her childhood was poor, weak education, so by self-study, and slowly enrich themselves, and later became a nurse.
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