Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Strictly Pancakes

Strictly Pancakes: Strictly Pancakes, Singapore Restaurant: Strictly Pancakes is not a place I would call a restaurant. It's a refurbished old shop house near Dhoby Ghat, Singapore. The menu is almost exclusively pancakes.We decided to go with savory pancakes since I have never tried them at home and these sounded delicious. We ordered and waited around 15 mins for this plate of thick, spongy, warm leek, potato and cheese pancakes with sauteed mushrooms on the side, called Potatoes Leeking Cheese. 

Heh. Each order comes with a portion of good quality maple syrup and a flavoured butter of your choice. We chose the herb and garlic butter. One grouse I have though is that this is all the maple syrup you get and if you want more, you get the same quantity but for an extra dollar. Since TH doesn't like maple syrup, I got the entire thing but if you want to share, this is really not enough.

Website: http://www.strictlypancakes.com.sg/index.html
44A Prinsep Street
Singapore 188674
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