Friday, December 16, 2011

Smrt Singapore explaints about train disruption

Smrt Singapore explaints about train disruption: The disruption to the Circle Line, the North South line followed suit last night causing a whole lot of distress to passengers. Angry passengers were clearly upset at the lack of support from the SMRT staff. An angry passenger even resorted to smashing a glass panel in the train in order to move out. 

Another passenger was reported to have fainted. SMRT apologises for the ‘inconvenience caused’, transport operator SMRT released a statement at 1.14am this morning regarding the reason for the service disruption at the last night.

Although 300 SMRT staff have been activated to assist passengers in distress. Although the transportation company managed to resolve the technical fault overnight, many commuters in Singapore were left fuming at the unreliability of our train services. It is clearly evident that little contingency measures have been put in place to deal with train outrage situations.

Singaporeans paying a 1st world transport fee for a 3rd world transport system? What you say!!
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