Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Singapore Marathon Doc On The Run

Singapore Marathon Doc On The Run: Alarm in 3 rings.I vaguely remembered only last a few hours outside in snoozeville. In fact, I have tried not to think about working to try to sleep, they only dreamed of working for those few precious hours eyes close. It is incredible how ironic that the spirit can be.

The MRT system was actually extra hours of work for the race and, fortunately, Bedok MRT station near nardo of the place. We went there only to 4 and arrived at the station of Orchard MRT, filled of runners and was then when he started the confusion.

Corridors, passageways everywhere and nobody knows where to go. Everyone was assigned a line pen for the last time. Mines and nardo was sub-6: 00. Doc On The Run Singapore Marathon Volunteers gave dark instructions and were probably as confused about the situation as it was. After being redirected to the pen bad and forced to walk twice half Orchard Road, the right and finally good heated plume for the race.
Of course no one could find the entrance of the pen, because the street seems to be walled, we did what most Malays would have made in such situations. We climbed over the barrier, completely ignoring the rules and regulations. Of course it turned out that most other nationalities present in that morning did the same thing of huge frustration.
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