Tuesday, December 6, 2011


comfortdelgro wants to help taxi drivers? Just remove all surcharges, ComfortDelGro taxi fares hike. The flag-down rate of ComfortDelGro taxis will increase between 20 cents and 70 cents depending on the model of the taxi. The taxi meter will also register a jump of 22 cents for every 400m (below 10 KM) up from 20 cents for every 385m. Beyond 10 KM, the meter will register a jump of 22 cents for every 350m (up from 20 cent for every 350m). Waiting time is now 22 cents for every 45sec.

Not a huge change. But you will notice the difference if you are traveling long distance.

It was indeed shocking to read the news on plans by ComfortDelgro to increase taxi fares.

The slew of ‘adjustments’ are justified as being designed to better meet increased demand is obviously ‘spin’ in PR-speak. If ComfortDelgro really wants to better meet demand, they should take tyrannical cabbies in hand and increase supply.

Helping the cabbies meet rising costs is also cited as a reason but if ComfortDelgro is sincere, then it should stop charging their drivers such exorbitant rental rates.
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