Sunday, December 18, 2011

New Sony PlayStation Vita Launch in Japan

New Sony PlayStation Vita Launch in Japan: Japan become the first to smell the flavor of Sony’s PlayStation Vita gaming console after waiting for the long time. As it get released people in Japan and others pre-launch orders and the amount of demand has exceed the limit for hands on the device compare to the final output made by Sony. The PS Vita goes on sale in North America and Europe on Feb. 22.

When question being asked Sony, how could you manage users high demand, in reply; “I’m pretty confident … that there will not be major challenges in meeting demand, even though there may be short-term,” House said. At initial period enthusiasm could face to some shortages with the new machine but on later phase it will be normal and the company will plead to satisfy every enthusiast wants.

Sony PlayStation Vita is optimized as a touch interface and motion sensitive handheld portable device. However, gamers can connect over Wi-Fi hotspots or cellphone networks and GPS technology can be use for tracking location. The new PS Vita has dual camera one in front and back, two knob like joystick, a touch pad on the back and a touchscreen in front. The best advantages you get is that it allow to play against other PS3 consoles via Internet PlayStation network.Sony PlayStation Vita Wi-Fi worth USD $249.99 and 249.99 euros and the retailer will sell at a price of $299.99 and Euros 299.99. Compare to these amount with Japan retail price is too high wherein Japan citizens will be charged 2940 yen ($37.67) to 6090 ($78). Don’t wait or think just pre-order PS Vita now and enjoy shipping within 24 to 36 hours business hours or may be more than estimated durations depended upon Sony carrier holders.
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