Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Naked Photos Of Shaun White Exist

Naked Photos Of Shaun White Exist: Reports have surfaced that naked photos of Shaun White do, in fact, exist, thanks to White’s fellow party-goers at a hotel fête during the 2009 Winter X-Games for Superpipe.

It seems several people bent on ruining my libido snapped quite a few raunchy pics of the Olympian, but only a couple have survived the mad flurry of damage control done by those close to White, a.k.a, THE PEOPLE  I TRUSTED NOT TO MAKE ME HAVE TO SEE HIS JUNK. One of the photos shows White making out with some chick in front of other people (fully clothed), and the other shows them naked in bed with Shaun riding her like a damn snowboard.

The owner of the pics is apparently shopping around for a large payout that I’m not sure he’ll find. Look, it’s not that the kid is hideous, it’s just that…I cannot imagine a less-flattering photo of him than the one described above. Hastily taken nekkid iPhone photos of Scarlett Johansson? Well, sure. Shaun White naked and boning some chick in a Residence Inn? By TMZ
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