Monday, December 26, 2011

Kwek Jian Qiang

Kwek Jian Qiang: The letter “Disparity in tertiary education facilities” by JC Student Kwek Jian. Singapore has often been accorded the honour of having one of the best education systems.

The mistake that Mr. Kwek Jian Qiang in his letter to the TODAY newspaper was to mask elitism under the idea of meritocracy. Unfortunately, he did not succeed in pulling wools over the eyes of many readers of the paper.

The letter “Disparity in tertiary education facilities” by JC student Kwek Jian
I once attended a seminar at ITE College East. The interior was like a plush hotel: Sleek floors, plush lecture theatre chairs, high-quality tables - quality exceeding that found in our polytechnics and junior colleges (JC).

From the exterior, with an Olympic-sized swimming pool and a stadium stand, it looked like it was made for the Youth Olympics.
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