Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Adelyn Hosehbo slapped her mother

Adelyn Hosehbo slapped her mother: 14 year old young girl’s Adelyn Hosehbo slapped her mother and proudly to be comment at her facebook status. Adelynn Sibo, Adelynn VannyBellaa, know more of Adelyn Hosehbo, Online Netizens has giving a bad feedback and reflection about her action toward her mum and her now, she leave a bad impression toward the online netizen and citizen of Singapore. Adelyn Hosehbo – Social Media Lesson for Teenagers..
Social media are extremely powerful nowadays… People are commenting about her attitude through Twitter and facebook and till now it has been trending on the worldwide since last evening. Well, she has now officially become a famous Singapore girl through the infamous way of presenting herself.

“Hosehbo” has been using everywhere… Maybe shall thanks to this girl named Adelyn, “Hosehbo now you are famous!”, is irritating and disgusting and spoiling the image of being a Singaporean.
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