Thursday, August 11, 2011

SNSD Bad Girl Revealed

SNSD Bad Girl Revealed: SNSD Releases MV for "Bad Girl" SNSD Bad Girl Lyrics: The full music video for SNSD's "Bad Girl" has been released! While SNSD's official teaser for "Bad Girl" was released yesterday, a Japanese program also aired about 50 seconds of the music video today.

SNSD is gearing up for their next big promotion in Japan, and they’ve just revealed a longer PV preview through Japanese talk show, ‘Oha!4‘!

For their next single, “Bad Girl“, the members get decked out in biker outfits; they deliver a dance that’s full of sass, yet still retains that sexy SNSD charm.

The song is from their Japanese debut album Girls' Generation, which was released back in June. Previously, they had released the music video for "Mr. Taxi" in Japan.
The album was very successful as it reached #1 on Oricon's Daily and Weekly Charts, and #2 on it's Monthly Chart. It was certified a double platinum (selling over 500,000 copies) and lead them to become Japan's highest selling foreign artist for the first half of the year.
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