Tuesday, August 2, 2011

John Wayne

John Wayne: John Wayne was born Marion Morrison on May 26, 1907, in this modest 4-room home in Winterset, Iowa. John Wayne in “Blue Steel” : “Blue Steel” (1934) starts with a scene of guests checking into a hotel AND a remarkably off-color joke.  You just don’t hear these kind of gags in B-Westerns.
This young and nervous couple of newlyweds check in.  A few minutes later the groom comes downstairs and, mumbling and aw-shucking, announces to the proprietor “I can’t find it.”

John Wayne wears a mighty big hat in this one.One of the most interesting things Doc Holliday showed us was the best known cowboy in America John Wayne's eulogy spoken at his funeral by his son, Patrick Wayne. 
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