Friday, August 12, 2011

Eric Girlfriend 孙耀威女友

Eric Girlfriend 孙耀威女友: 陈美诗(微博) 身为孙耀威女友,当然要出钱购买男友新碟。(资料图片)

腾讯娱乐讯 2011年8月12日 香港 孙耀威(Eric)为回归台湾的头炮新碟,藏匿台湾半年专心创作,默默耕耘当然有回报,除了未被当地歌迷遗忘,更获唱片公司下重本拍MV,令他受宠若惊。


Chen Mei Shi as Eric Girlfriend, boyfriend, of course, pay for new album.
LOS ANGELES August 12, 2011 Hong Kong, Eric (Eric) for the return of Taiwan's first album shot, hiding half of Taiwan to concentrate on writing, return silently of course, in addition to local fans are not forgotten, even by record companies heavily in the film MV, that he was flattered.

Eric left the Taiwan music scene nine years of re-attack, launched the latest Mandarin album, "did not say goodbye." In order to create new album, Eric early single horse to Taiwan to do music, he said: "Even in Taiwan every day to run notices in many places, but this time go back before the familiar fact that very strange! Be the old me going too fast, missed a lot of the original scenery along the way, this is the new understanding of Taiwan. "
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