Thursday, August 4, 2011

Casey Anthony In Ohio!

Casey Anthony In Ohio? Since being acquitted from the murder case of her daughter Caylee, photos have emerged seeing Casey Anthony in Ohio. Casey Anthony was seen wearing glasses with a cap while walking down the streets of Columbus, Ohio. She does have any family in Ohio but one intriguing question that draws a lot of reaction from the public is, “Is Casey Anthony staying in Ohio?”

Casey Anthony Ohio
Meanwhile, last Monday a judge had ordered Casey Anthony to go back to Orlando for check fraud. This has something to do with serving her probation on another case but her attorney, Cheney Mason said that the order by the judge causes more danger to Casey. He further explained that Casey has already served her sentence in jail while the trial was on going. Furthermore, Mason has seemed to challenge the ruling by the judge as a result she filed an emergency motion to the Orange Country Courthouse. On the other hand, while we wait for the judgment on the emergency motion, Casey Anthony’s life is somehow full of misery despite her efforts to cover her identity.
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