Friday, June 3, 2011

Royal Wedding Divorced

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William and Kate are ready to declare their commitment in spectacular fashion at Westminster Abbey before millions on international TV. From that moment onwards, Kate’s (or Catherine’s – as we must now call her) life will change with all the luxuries and duties the royal family will bestow and require. 
The pressures of public life, of a heavy program of engagements and constant media scrutiny, along with the constraints of a highly traditional organization (and you don’t get more traditional than the British monarchy) can be overwhelming, and took a terminal toll on the marriages of three out of our Queen’s four children.

Royal Wedding Divorce: The acrimonious public divorce of Prince William’s parents showed that even the crowned heads of England are not immune to messy and visible marital breakdown. When Prince Charles and Princess Diana divorced in 1996 it was a media circus–Diana gave her famous “three people in our marriage” interview about the Prince’s affair with his present wife Camilla Parker-Bowles, Charles responded with an interview of his own about how he had been faithful “until the marriage had broken down” and the press was full of the details of how much Diana was claiming for beauty treatments and the like. Charles, represented by my opponent in the Radmacher case, Fiona Shackleton, reportedly drove a hard bargain on restrictions such as Diana not moving abroad. 

Diana was compensated with cash and lifestyle, ending up with about $33 million, a home in Kensington Palace, support for the children and her charitable office and the right to keep calling herself Princess of Wales. Probably a pretty fair deal all round in circumstances of vast wealth and status, and that without a prenup.
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