Tuesday, May 24, 2011


Get a 7-inch Magellan GPS for $99.99: Big-screen models used to cost hundreds and hundreds of dollars (and many still do), but TigerDirect has the Magellan RoadMate RM1700 7-inch GPS for $99.99, plus $3 for shipping. That's after applying coupon code EQB31039 at checkout.
A nav system this big requires a fairly big vehicle; VW Beetle owners need not apply. It's better suited to trucks, RVs, minivans, and other vehicles with deep, wide windshields. The RM1700 can be mounted to one or to the topside of your dashboard.
Obviously the big screen is the RM1700's claim to fame, but the unit has a few other noteworthy features as well. Among them: a large onscreen keyboard (natch) that makes address entry and POI searches much easier than on smaller GPSes, and a built-in AAA guidebook for finding things like hotels and attractions.

One thing it's missing: a traffic option. If you want a nav system that can alert you to and/or route you around traffic tie-ups, look elsewhere. Likewise, if you want one that can get out of the car and go for walks, this isn't the best choice: battery life is extremely short.
Source CNET
Official Site http://www.magellans.com/
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