Saturday, June 9, 2012

Jessica Cambensy

Hong Kong boasts a fantastic Palestinian Top model Jessica C (real name Jessica Cambensy 23) last year rocked junghwagwon sex videos completely escaped the impact of the spill.

Chyna and munhoebo record 22 days (文汇报) According to the online version of the dazzling burst line 'gyeongjonghyung (警钟 胸)' nicknames marked with Iran two days ago, Jessica C, swimsuit fashion shows held in Dongguan in Guangdong Province to make cool looking eye appeared in bikini , ornately decorated stage.

Jessica C to overcome the aftermath of the scandal the meantime busy at home, spent a long vacation in Chicago.

Do not neglect to take a break while managing tight Jessica C than before flexion of the body at first look deepened, the sensuality that radiates far more peoples opinion.

In an interview with a reporter Jessica C "19 years old when I thought he  would get married at the age of 24. Followed suit in August twenty-fourth birthday, now thirty years old before the sounded wedingmachi want to bear children, but to meet the current serious not having a boyfriend, "he said.

He recently some women to take celebrities apdatwo thinking about nude  pictorial asked, "Then I definitely will not take a picture," he jumped out.

Jessica C October last year, rumored sex video on the Internet, the hero of the local entertainment industry to confess that his stunned upset.

Jessica C at the time of the problem pointed to a woman who featured in the video is silent, but got up the courage to make the movie with an old boyfriend was taken at the time committed a reckless jityieotdago confessed, saying thoughtless childhood.

Megaton scandal broke out, the perfect bagel or her image as a big blow to the heart but Jessica C models, actors and activities organized and the idea was apparently to continue.

Jessica C with cooking time, while the long-term contracts signed in March of this year, China's largest apparel CF shooting and return to the exhibition show appearance was approaching cautiously.

Jessica C, 2012 China International Exhibition of Costume Dress (CHIC) 'to represent Hong Kong after the last day on the stage wearing sexy lingerie walking staged fashion.

He was able to stand in front of fans back to thing taking all the blame and the exterior is the result of a positive and optimistic nature has torohan.

Jessica C of an American father-mother was born in the Philippines mixed.

After attending school in the U.S. model as a model in New York City debut at the age of 15 Jessica C on the innocent and cute looks glamorous and beautiful body became popular in Japan via Hong Kong since 2009 taken as the activity base.
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