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Love Triangle of Cyndi Wang Sonia Sui and Yao Yuan Hao

Love triangle of Cyndi Wang, Sui and long-legged actor Yao Yuan Hao is the focus of media originating station the past few days. Many people sympathize with the two women and indignant silence of the male protagonist.

A few days ago, supermodel Taiwan Sui and Yao Yuan Hao actor suddenly announced split after 8 years of relationship. It is believed that Yao Yuan Hao as broken with Sui is dating singer Cyndi Wang.

On 8/5 and then, Cyndi Wang held a press conference to vindicate himself and said she and actor Hao Yuan merely just friends. Two days after the shock, long-legged Sui also brave to face the media. She said: "My heart as though it were cut into each knife" but she always hoped her ex-boyfriend has a happy life.

During in the most painful period, Sui did not forget to thank her ex-boyfriend because of the grace love, attention and happy moments he has given the past 8 years with her. When you say these words, Sui does not stop crying.

Beautiful long legs also expressed surprise and anger before the press information provided about the relationship between ex-lover and singer Cyndi Wang. "I was shocked and angry because I had too much or

know, "Sui said.
31-year-old beauty also hope that, after this talk, the media will not exploit more about the relationship between her former lover and singer Cyndi Wang. She said: "I only wish good things for the best I've ever loved." After this brief interview, the famous long legs and wealth of Taiwan was moved to tears backstage fresh news almost an hour.

The media were trying to contact Yao Yuan Hao actor with a desire to get the correct answer from him. After several days of silence, Yao Yuan Hao has also decided to speak out in a long letter nearly 300 letters sent to the media yesterday, 9/5. In particular, country radio actor apologized to both women are pulled into this relationship triangle is the Sui and Cyndi Wang.

30-year-old actor to thank former lover because "she saw that I was the man she loved most." He also stressed that Sui is the most important person in his life. He stressed: "I just like all other men but never want to hurt anyone."
Previous rumors he betrayed Sui to sneak away with singer Cyndi Wang, Yuan Hao said, he is single people start to canTam Mausoleum. "I get people hurt by the lack of maturity in handling all his work," Yuan Hao admitted sadly. End, Yuan Hao draw that: "With a man, the sincerity is the most important thing in a relationship."
Previous statements of Yuan Hao, many netizens have voiced his conviction that man sides, and lack of fidelity. In particular, female fans very disgruntled when Yuan Hao is the last of three people to speak about the incident after two women to face the pressure of the media for several days. After this, Yuan Hao has lost a significant number of fans.
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