Thursday, March 8, 2012

Shirley Yeung Blog

Shirley Yeung Blog: Shirley Yeung gives birth to baby girl, Hong Kong actress Shirley Yeung announced over her micro blog that she had given birth to a baby girl.

"Thank you, friends, media and fans for your care and concern during this period, I miss you a lot!

"I am very happy that I have successfully given birth to a baby girl. Both mother and child are healthy!" Yeung declared, in a micro blog post today.

This is the first time the former Miss Hong Kong had addressed her pregnancy after she was spotted heavily pregnant in December last year, following her breakup with her boyfriend, actor Gregory Lee, in June, and the revelation that she is in a relationship with former Hong Kong national diver Andy Ng.

The identity of the father of Yeung's child is not yet known, though speculation is rife that Ng fathered her child.

Apart from announcing the birth of her baby, Yeung also expressed in her post that she intends to return to showbiz.

"I will now be concentrating on taking care of my little baby! I hope to return to work soon and meet everyone!" said the actress, adding that she would not respond to further questions about her pregnancy.
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