Saturday, February 11, 2012

Laneway Festival Singapore

Laneway Festival Singapore: Hard road for Laneway Festival Path
The West Australian: The promoter of Laneway, which launched down an inner-city lane in Melbourne in 2004 before spreading around Australia, as well as to New Zealand and Singapore, said ticket sales for the WA show were sluggish but had improved in the past fortnight.

Laneway to the top The Age: 1400 people squashed into that laneway, dancing, sweating and swilling beers. Two years later, the Sydney leg of the festival kicked off, and this year, Laneway has spread to most states in Australia, plus Auckland and Singapore.
In the streets of your town: Brisbane festival continues growth

Sydney Morning Herald:" Laneway Festival Director Danny Rogers. Photo: Quentin Jones But the St Jerome's Laneway Festival co-founder and his partners, having already held the event in Sydney and Melbourne, were well up for the challenge of extending the indie rock festival's.

Hipster-matic at Laneway:It soon expanded throughout the capital cities and has now crossed the seas to Auckland and Singapore. The aim of the festival is to bring "new and revered seminal music" to punters, but not necessarily in a lane anymore.
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