Sunday, January 1, 2012

SNSD to The Boys

SNSD to The Boys photo released taeyeon: SNSD planned to re-present with their latest album coming October 4th. As usual, the agency SM Entertainment released the photo intriguing by SNSD members one by one.Teaser Photo Released Taeyeon SNSD to The Boys

Released the first photo is a photo of the kid leader Taeyeon. Taeyeon seen wearing a Victorian-style dress complete with curly hair.

Like when Super Junior with the album ‘Mr Simple’, SM Entertainment will also release a photo and every member of SNSD every day. Reportedly the photo will be released sequentially in order of age.

SME was not given any information regarding SNSD’s concept album this time. What is clear to reach a wider market, the songs from third album will be made ​​in two versions, Korean and English.

‘The Boys’ will be released in various online sales sites. As for offline sales will start the next day on October 5.
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