Thursday, January 5, 2012

L. Joe proposed 4minute’s Sohyun make her Girlfriend

Teen Top L. Joe proposed 4minute’s Sohyun make her Girlfriend: 4minute‘s maknae Sohyun shared a photo taken with TEEN TOP‘s L. Joe from the set of TEEN TOP’s “Going Crazy” music video. Some speculated that the photo was an actual couple shot, since the two were sitting cozily side-by-side.

Fortunately, the mystery was solved after TEEN TOP released their new music video today. In the video, L. Joe plays the love interest of Sohyun, who refuses his confession at first. She accepts it later on when they’re alone, calling L. Joe “Stupid” and chiding him for asking her to be his girlfriend in front of his friends.

To commemorate the MV’s release, L. Joe shared a new photo with Sohyun from the set along with the tweet, “Babo~ (Stupid). Do you want to be my girl friend?”
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