Saturday, January 14, 2012

Kang Sora is Master Tteokbokki Chef at ‘We Got Married’

Kang Sora is Master Tteokbokki Chef at ‘We Got Married’: Kang Sora transformed into ‘Master Chef  Sarah Kang’ on the latest episode of ‘We Got Married‘.
‘We Got Married’, Kang Sora who was a ‘cute drunk girl’ on last week’s episode became ‘overseas Korean (Kyopo), master ddukbokki chef, Sarah Kang’.

The Leeteuk and Kang Sora couple made their very first home-cooked meal together, and the dish was none other than Tteokbokki.

The couple who has been having fun acting out / role playing different scenarios decided that they would use their dinner time as another opportunity.

Wife Kang Sora suddenly transformed into an overseas Korean (Kyopo) who falls in love with the taste of Tteokbokki. Her new alter-ego with an exaggerated accent of an overseas Korean speaking Korean was 180 degrees different from her shy and bashful self, which caused Park Misun and Kim Nayoung in the studio to explode in laughter.
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