Thursday, January 5, 2012

How to recover Hidden Files from Virus infected USB Drive

How to recover hidden Files from Virus infected USB Pen Drive: Now a days all the people use USB Flash drives like Pendrive, External Hard Disk and Many more. They all skipped DVD, CD and all optical Disc because it takes time to copy and it cannot be reused. So USB Pendrives are now with all people. I used to see all over my college, they hang USB pendrive in their necks. They carry Music, Movies, Datas in that. How USB flash drives improves as the mean while USB virus also increases along with that.

You can view these files by going to Tools>>Folder Options ..But the attributes of these files often stay unchanged even if you uncheck hidden attribute on file/folder properties.
Step One:
Plug your USB Pendrive or External HDD or Memory Card which is Affected.
Step Two:
Go to Start -> Run-> Type CMD and Enter
Step Three:
Find the drive letter for the connected USB drive. For Example, I:

In command prompt, type I:
and Hit enter. Command Prompt will show I:/
hint: type your usb pen drive location..
Step Four:
Then type
attrib -s -h /s /d *.*
Make sure that you put space between each elements in the code.

and hit enter and wait for few seconds.
Check the Screen Shot of Above Steps:
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