Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Son of the Empire

Son of the Empire 帝国之子: 不让帝国之子专美于前,由韩国天王Rain亲手打造的MBLAQ(M Black),也没让师傅漏气。热歌劲舞还有Sistar,意思是想和大明星们当好友,不过这次是到台湾,跟歌迷做朋友。
People First of South Korea's most known street idol, the son of the Empire, boy nine different characteristics, but as the stage is full of charm.

     Let the son of Empire ahead of us, now built by the Korean King of Rain MBLAQ (M Black), did not leak to the master. Hot song dances there Sistar, meaning like when friends and big stars, but this is Taiwan, with fans friends.

     Swept through a debut on the new South Korean men's tour finale SHINee, 4 Relay concert idol groups, but also to all Kazakh Korean fans HIGH turn.
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