Sunday, December 25, 2011

Shinobu Otsuka

Shinobu Otsuka Greetings and greetings, fellow astronomers! This is the Showbiz Sista in the Studio with Qi Yuwu and Priscelia Chan, where poured us water on them for a photo shoot very humid Shinobu Otsuka.

Shinobu Otsuka: Star Yuwu and adopted in the collaborative effort of Singapur-Japón, Mooncake Shinobu Otsuka, TV which will air the channel or Christmas day. The project was initiated by Tokyo Broadcasting System as a gesture of thanks to Singapore for tsunami relief.

It is the drama of one hour on a member of the force of Civil defence of Singapore (SCDF), played by Yuwu, who falls in love with a Japanese girl (Japanese actress Shinobu Otsuka) and finally going to Japan as part of a special task force SCDF in aftermath of the tsunami of March 2011. Pris stars as a jealous girlfriend.Shinobu Otsuka, Shinobu Otsuka; Japanese: 大塚シノブ(おおつか しのぶ)
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