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adeline chia straits times: Adeline Chia Sick of K-pop Cult Article: Advances in bioengineering have allowed human creatures called fabricants to be bred as workers. Physically, they are perfect specimens - with identical, beautiful faces but without any higher consciousness. When they run out the course of their productive lives, they are destroyed.

I got a taste of Mitchell's dystopian view - at a K-pop fan meet of super-band TVXQ.It is a shrunken version of a concert, with only a handful of live performances. Interspersed with the song-and-dance numbers are screenings of music videos and sanitised Q&A sessions.

it was a blatant rip-off. To the fans, it was like communing with the gods. It was a uniquely depressing experience but during the show, I couldn not put my finger on the reason. Could it have been the dead-eyed way the pop princes answered questions from stuttering fans about their favourite Singaporean food? Or the well-choreographed dance moves they executed, without a glitch, to songs scientifically engineered to stick onto your brain like a leech?They are fabricants. Singing, dancing fabricantsI am heartily sick of it. Every bit of it. The manufactured sounds, the ersatz emotions, the clone-like stars, the cult-like, weepy fandom.
Those are just the haters. There are those who profess love by cutting themselves and writing letters in blood, before sending their bloody epistolary packages to their idols.Admittedly, these are the extreme cases. But I also wonder if anti-fan behaviour is encouraged by the record label to generate more publicity for their artists.'Resist!' the sentient part of my brain cried softly. To which Super Junior cheerily replied: 'Sorry, sorry, sorry, sorry...'
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  1. this is so true beautifully written! hope to see more upcoming post :DD


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