Saturday, December 10, 2011

Lunar Eclipse Singapore

Lunar Eclipse Singapore: lunar eclipse of 2011 visible over Singapore tonight. The moon will be at maximum eclipse at 10.31 pm and totality will end at 10.57 pm.

Lunar Eclipse in the Evening of 10 Dec 2011: The total lunar eclipse is visible just after sunset.The eclipse sequence ( 10 Dec 2011 - Singapore Time) is as shown:
7.31 pm - Start of Penumbra Eclipse.
8.45 pm - Start of Umbra Partial Phase.
10.05 pm - Start of Total Eclipse.
10.31 pm - Maximum Eclipse.
10.57 pm - End of Total Eclipse.
12.18 am - End of Umbra Partial Eclipse.
1.31 am - End of Penumbra Eclipse.
TASOS will hold the Total Lunar Eclipse Observation at Labrador Park (at the Berlayer Beacon facing Sentosa). The observation will start from 7.45pm and end about midnight. TASOS will setup telescopes and binoculars for the eclipse observation.
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