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Lola Forner

Lola Forner: On the Internet there are thousands of photos repeated, and empty words on FORNER LOLA. Always on their trades Miss and actress. But nothing about his personal life
Lola Forner was born in Alicante, Spain on 6 June 1960. She was chosen Miss Spain in 1979. She is a notable Spanish film actress. However she is more known to the world for starring alongside action superstar Jackie Chan in the movies Wheels on Meals and Armour of God. She is also known by the alternate name Maria Dolores Forner.
Lerin Silvia wins the Salon d'Automne XLII painting with the work Ateneo Mercantil 'Big slit magenta' The Lerin Silvia Valencia has set with his work 'Grand slit magenta' in the Autumn Salon XLII painting Ateneo Mercantil de Valencia, which has a prize of 6,000 euros, as reported by sources of the institution.

The exhibition, which opens this Thursday, can be visited free of charge from 17.00 to 21.00 until 30 December at the Exhibition Hall of the Ateneo, who organizes this event for artists that do not exceed 45 years.

Lerin has thus become the third woman to get the award in its 42 editions, after Chakour Khalid (1980) and Calzada Lola (2006).

In addition to winning works were selected 'Dreaming in the forest', Juan Vicente Adam 'Indoors' by Alexis Alemany,' City 'by James Arnau,' Lesson number one, three, "William Ferri , 'Hey, clipse' Ivan Forner, 'Temple', Gisbert Ferran, 'Arabesque' by Miguel Hernandez, 'De Velazquez I', Carolina Master, 'Untitled' by Alejandro Pajares, 'Eperia' Sales Mery, 'A new time', Manolo Sebastian 'Lorenthos dream house or Leo' by José Miguel Vera, and 'Infinity V', by Cristina Gamon, who has received an honorable mention by the jury.
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