Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Lo Hwei Yen

Lo Hwei Yen Farewell: In Memoriam Ms. Lo Hwei Yen, Family, friends and Singaporeans from all walks of life gathered at the Church of Saint Teresa on Thursday to bid a final farewell to Lo Hwei Yen who was killed by terrorists in Mumbai last week.

Ms Lo Hwei Yen, a 28-year-old lawyer was tragically killed during the Mumbai terror attack in November 27, 2008. Ms Lo was taken hostage in Oberoi Hotel and her body was found by Indian authorities on Friday. Gloomy skies greeted the cortege as it made its way into the church.

Ms Lo's husband, Michael Puhaindran, delivered a moving eulogy where he shared his fondest memories of her and how they had intended to start a family next year.

He also recalled how the pleasure of family and friends gave her great joy, adding that Ms Lo would not want them to grieve her passing but to celebrate her life.
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