Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ghetto Justice Lives of Omission Big Winners

Ghetto Justice Lives of Omission Big Winners: “Ghetto Justice”, “Lives of Omission” Big Winners At TVB

Survivors of the Holocaust held in ghettos for the German pension that work there, but fill in the paperwork can be daunting. Over the years, the German Government has rejected many claims, discourage more survivors to apply.

A group of lawyers from Jones Day Cleveland saw the survivors and their time and expertise to help local applicants are eligible for a monthly pension ghetto have donated. Some also eligible for a lump sum of the so-called bottom of ghetto of 2,000 euros, or about $ 2,600. JTA reported this week, he negotiated in the Conference on Jewish material claims the exemption of the 31 December deadline for payment of the flat fee.
“Ghetto Justice”, “Lives of Omission” Big Winners At TVB

Family Service Association of Cleveland (JFSA) social workers compensation surviving German Jews with success since 1996 have helped, but sometimes “has a lot of floundering around in the dark, that is not surprising, because the rules change over time,” said lawyer Zack Paris, who helped organize the volunteers Jones day.

Paris learned the situation of the survivors through a partner in Jones Day in the Board of Directors of Bet Tzedek (House of Justice), a law firm in the general interest of the angels of the non-profit organization that provide free legal services to Holocaust survivors and other persons of low income.
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