Thursday, December 15, 2011

ahbeng aaron tan and nina threatens ryanzxc gobangwall

ahbeng aaron tan and nina wantyouonly saga. threatens ryanzxc gobangwall on facebook: Aaron Tan posted a video on Facebook threatening Ryanzxc Gobangwall whom Aaron accused of hitting on his girlfriend, Nina Wantyouonly.

The video is filled with profanities (including the super duper 'f**kermother' pointed out by mrbrown), so pwease this video is very NSFW.

According to Nina Wantyouonly, she broke up with Aaron
because of his attitude, his threatening, his childishness, his back stabbing, trust issues and he jus too over controlling. The best part is his parent disagree our relationship and (even more worse thing ps I can’t say due to personal)
Aaron Tan is angry because someone 'hong' his charborAaron Tan korkor after breakup wanna revenge on gf's new BF
Who is Aaron Tan Nina Wantyouonly?
Pwease hor! Don't touch Aaron Tan's woman!
Youth issues death threat to guy for 'stealing' his girlfriend
Youth offers $100 for a confrontation with ex-GF's new BF
Typical ahbeng's death threat LOL
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