Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Donaldson Tan

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Singapore Police Force is investigating blogger and chief editor of New Asia Republic, Donaldson Tan for re-posting an extremely offensive picture to Muslims; one of a prohibited animal in Islam, superimposed on the Ka’ba – Islam’s most sacred site, on his Facebook.  In his report to the police, the complainant, Amran Junid, also highlighted a Serena Lee for posting racist comments on that FB post by Donaldson Tan.
Mr Tan was formerly an editor with TOC. He was asked to leave TOC in January 2010, and he subsequently set-up New Asia Republic – a commentary website.

This is the third police report made within the last five days about people who have disregarded religious sensitivities. The other two police reports were lodged against Mr Jason Neo and Mr Christian Eliab Ratnam.

Donaldson Tan supported foreigner intervention in SG local politics, I have made it clear to him that foreigner should stay out from meddling into SG internal affair.
Is Donaldson Tan a double headed snake - Pro PAP in the background?
More information in George Yeo Facebook.
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