Thursday, October 13, 2011

Queen Seon 善德女王

Queen Seon (善德女王): The Great Queen Seondeok is the twenty-seventh generation of Silla king, surnamed Jin, Ming Deman, the royal family in St. bone man came death cases are inherited throne, to become South Korea's first queen in history, is the "three Han unification" of the lay person. Because of its gentle personality, wide Renming Min, loved by the people, therefore posthumous title of "Virtue."

"Virtue," the word is deserved, in this "Joking," the story, the Goldman clever, kind-hearted generosity, has be tolerant to diversity in mind. Her supporters sincerely inclusive, for the people to appease appeasement of the rebels to let go, determined to lofty and broad mindedness. In contrast, the U.S. 

Office noble birth, representing the upper part of the aristocracy in the interests of national policy to control her, she followed her personal and more powerful forces of aristocracy, the people are miserable, Silla country's strength is not any development. And Goldman is different to defeat the United States, a king room but her initial motivation, kings after kings to inherit the behest of her face how unified Samhan, the establishment of a powerful "Kingdom of God." Her heart filled with three Korean territory, Samhan's people, so mind is more vast, more lofty vision.
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