Friday, October 28, 2011

O Level Maths 2011

O Level Maths 2011: The grove of bamboo in front of The Temple sways majestically to the breeze, its rustling sound drowned by the drone of Jφss Sticks Airways Flight JS296 making yet another wave of its relentless sorties to air-drop last-minute tips onto the Jφss Sticks Facebook wall . Click the button to receive The Temple’s last-minute air-drops cum tips on our Facebook page’s wall . It’s all happening there! 

This same grove of bamboo which Miss Loi watched it grew from a loose shrub of saplings, happens to be planted about the same time as when her current batch of O Level students first knocked on the Temple Gates years ago. Miss Loi! My sis has never passed her maths since Sec One. Nobody in the family can help her. No matter how you DIE DIE must help her pass! Miss Loi, my daughter is very hardworking one you know.
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