Sunday, October 9, 2011

Blogger Peggy Heng’s Scandal

Blogger Peggy Heng’s Scandal: A fake sex disc of a indicative blogger has drawn an outpouring of criticism because being, according to some viewers, “misleading”, “attention-seeking” and “unprofessional”.The video, uploaded to YouTube on Monday by user greendude2809, portrays a proposition wherein blogger also model Peggy Heng, 22, enters a prayer besides kneels grease example of a man, who unbuckles his belt also starts to undo his jeans.

However, nymphet right away turns around abruptly besides addresses the camera, saying, “But that is not the advent to solve your interrelation The four-minute vinyl transitions to a promotion because a dating event over singles, to equal in control at nightclub The Butter factory on 28 September.
An earlier cd posted last shift by the prone user on YouTube depicts a catfight plan between Heng besides her boyfriend, who is pragmatic with new woman outside the combination. On citizen journalism portal STOMP, locality the vinyl was besides uploaded, sensible garnered more than 94,000 hits thanks to the travel to-date.

Both videos, Heng wrote on her blog, were part of the Greenlight Movement, a progress spearheaded jointly by her also two others, including her boyfriend, reported The bounteous Paper.

The campaign, maid said, targets two fundamental social issues reputation Singapore double time — the roll in of singles besides of partial cases in Singapore.
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