Monday, September 26, 2011

Yana Gupta Pantyless

Yana Gupta Pantyless: Indian famous superstar name “Yana Gupta” who is beautiful girl by born. Got fame from her Indian item song “Babu jee zara dheere chalo” found pantyless which is a very unique gift from her as new year.

The main cause is how she got pantyless easily is as She was photographed in a charity occasion in Mumbai without any innerwear and the topic got spread among the media like wild fire. Her 'pantyless act' made her hit once again even though the photographer, the organizer and the item girl, were sued by a social activist. Yana communal about her New Year gifts on the micro-blogging site Twitter saying that she can start her New Year safely with those remarkable gifts and she even thanked her fans for those boxes.
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