Saturday, September 24, 2011

Li Bing Bing

Li Bing Bing: Hongkong Superstar Aaron Kwok and Mainland Actress Li Bing bing will play characters who fall in love in Sanya, the city of romance, in their new movie titled 'THE LANGUAGE OF JU HUANG TEA'. The stars will both also dedicate their singing to the movie.

The movie is part of the musical series "BEAUTY IN CHINA" that depicts a romance that happens amidst Sanya's intoxicating scenery. The glamour of Hainan is clearly visible to the audience, and includes views of the tropical rainforest as well as the ethnic culture of the Li people. The coastal city of Sanya is located on the lovely tropical island of Hainan, which has been called the "Hawaii of the Orient."
Trailer for the Movie 1911: It hits October 7, 2011.
The movie stars Jackie Chan, Li Bing Bing, Winston Chao, Joan Chen, Jaycee Chan.
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