Monday, September 26, 2011

Leo Ho

Leo Ho Scandal: Leo Ho is five years younger than his girlfriend Vivian, looked awkward and Vivian said that “No plans to get married. I want to concentrate on my work.” Leo seldom went to nightclubs when he was with Vivian, he was seen drinking at a bar on the weekend and looking depressed due to his marriage and relationship with her girlfriend. Leo had rarely visited any night club after dating Vivian, but just last week, the millionaire was spotted in a night club, where he had reportedly revealed that he would do so more frequently in the future.When contacted about the issue, Leo replied, “I will only be concentrating on my career at the moment, thanks for your concern.”

He told also to his friend that he is back on the market for love; his girlfriend is not now with him, while the parents of Leo didn’t approve of Vivian for Leo because Vivian used to be a soft porn actress.

Vivian Hsu And Leo Ho Scandal: Vivian Hsu Scandal: Vivian Hsu and her boyfriend Leo Ho’s romance has ended: The couple has broken up many times during their love relationship but now this time it seems that it’s for good. They ended their relationship with the cause of marriage.
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