Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kiyoshi Higashi Craigslist Killer

Kiyoshi Higashi Craigslist Killer: Convicted “Craigslist Killer” Proves In Court: It seems to be a few months in the prison to convince of the convicted person has done little to killer Kiyoshi Higashi for target groups are not, in fact, a place to showcase its rich storage of assholery.

Higashi, I woke up today was in court to testify in the trial of alleged co-conspirator Berniard, Clabon.

Kiyoshi Higashi, Convicted “Craigslist Killer” Proves In Court:  “It was never my intention”. Just came here to waste and ‘ all the time, “said prosecutors.” Higashi also told the Court that he apparently only for their “fans” and there was a prosecutor asked that they repeated said “does age, huh?” ‘Cause you do not hear what I said. ”

Please note that this is the same man who, during their own process, said that “Willie Foo Foo” was responsible for the assassination and that he “bopped on the head.” the rabbit

Higashi and three others appeared on the door of Charlene and Jim Sanders on the pretext of buying a ring of weddings on Craigslist, but should instead, defeat and eventually death Jim, as well as the rest of the family terrified and Sanders, among them two children attacked.
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