Thursday, September 29, 2011

iPhone 5 Unveiling Case

iPhone 5 Unveiling Case: All iPhone 5 Case Leaks Came from One Missing Prototype: Lost iPhone 5 Prototype Source Of Leaked Case Designs? A cornucopia of Chinese iPhone 5 Cases: The new iPhone that Apple is expected to announce on Oct. 4 is already on the shopping list of many BlackBerry and Android users. Research from InMobi, an independent mobile ad network, found that 41 percent of mobile users in North America and Canada plan to buy the new iPhone.

iPhone 5 Demand High Ahead of UnveilingThe study found that more than half of BlackBerry users polled are planning to switch to the iPhone 5, and some 27 percent of Android owners are willing to do the switch, alongside 51 percent of current iPhone users. If these figures prove to be true, it could be the most successful phone launch for Apple to date.

The missing prototype is said to have been enclosed in a case to disguise it as a current-generation iPhone 4–which brings to mind the iPhone 4 prototype acquired by Gizmodo that was camouflaged as an iPhone 3GS. How Apple achieved that with the iPhone 5 supposedly wider and longer than the current iPhone 4 is a point to ponder.
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