Thursday, September 1, 2011

Dragon Nest SEA Patch

Dragon Nest SEA Patch: Download Dragon Nest SEA Patch: Where I can download Dragon Nest SEA Patch: The Dragon Nest SEA patch has not been fixed on Dragon Nest Servers and players have to wait to get their battles on.
Here is the Notice from Dragon Nest Forum:
Urgent Game Patch: Dear Players,
There will be an urgent game patch update from on 1 September 2011 from 2130HRS to 2330HRS (GMT+8). Game service will be unavailable during this time.
[Bug Fixes]
- Gibberish text
- Disappearing text
*Manual patch for v26-v32 is back up at
Players with game clients:
v16 - Auto-patch is required to v33.
v25 - Auto-patch is required to v33.
v26 - You may manual patch to v33.
v32 - You may auto-patch or manual patch to v33.
Update at 2215HRS: Game patch downtime will extend by two hours till 0130HRS (GMT +8).
Game service has resumed since 0035HRS (GMT+8).  
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